The Atlas Accent range combines texture and touch with elegance and colour. We designed it, using symbolism-infused beads, to be something special and serve as an eye-catching ‘accent’ to your look.

Black snake beads: We found these great looking vintage black snake beads that were used in trade in the early 1900s, and we knew they were just what we wanted for the Accent range. Snakes have many meanings in folklore; representing transitions, death and rebirth, and creative life force. Snake beads can be a simple but powerful reminder of an important transition you are navigating, one you have already been through, or that transitions are a constant in life.

White goomba beads: Like snake beads, goomba beads carry energy from the connections they’ve enabled by being passed from hand to hand through inter-continental trade since the early 1800s. Goomba beads can be worn as a calming influence; a reminder to stay grounded, and empowerment to a balanced life. They also have an eye-catching texture and shape. The age and history of the beads makes each piece distinct and full of character.

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