Smoke Clensing

Smoke. Cleanse. Release. At Atlas Accessories, our jewellery is just as much about positive energy as it is about aesthetics. How our products arrive to their new homes, and the spirit in which they are sent, is just as important as how they look and function.  Honouring the ancient art of smoke cleansing that has existed within numerous diverse cultures for centuries, we have developed our own little ritual for each jewellery piece before it’s sent on its way. This simple act of burning our bespoke mix of herbs, resins and incense over every item is intended to remove any negative energy and allow the inherent qualities of the stones and gems to manifest. The result is the resonation of a purer vibrational quality with each piece. In adding our best wishes and intentions to each piece of jewellery we hope that they will act as talismans for wearers and become imbued with positive symbolism and personal meaning.