Rooted in the power of storytelling, Atlas Accessories is founded on the belief that jewellery has the ability to establish connections through the narratives that define every one of us. Each of our meticulously created pieces is symbolic of wisdom through connection and remembrance, and is representative of an authentic sense of self, nature and style.

With every collection handcrafted in London in small batches, Atlas Accessories has always favoured quality over quantity. This mindset fully aligns with our commitment to the environment and complements our use of ethically sourced sustainable materials and traditional production methods. This transparency is also reflected in our work with Fair Trade communities to produce the organic materials and gemstones that are used to create our necklaces and wristwear.

Our durable accessories are designed to last a lifetime, grow in character and develop depth of meaning as they follow each wearer through life’s adventures. It is an approach that emphasises the inherent spirit of Atlas Accessories jewellery, where each item has a story of its own and acts as a reminder of important memories, experiences and beliefs. Our collections are distinct for their balance of aesthetics and spirituality, and a full recognition of tradition and rituals of the past.

Reflecting the way in which ancient tribes used accessories and jewellery to tell stories, empower and protect, all Atlas Accessories’ pieces are a true extension of self and are grounded in a celebration of collective individuality and positive action. This powerful sentiment is echoed in the brand’s commitment to giving back of 5% of gross revenues to save and permanently protect endangered habitats — a gesture of gratitude and a solidification of our community’s pledge to translate success into genuine change, for the better.

Our Founder

Atlas Accessories is the culmination of founder Gregory French’s personal passion. London-based and hailing from the East Coast of the United States, Gregory is led by a lifetime of experience across a multitude of domains that have seen him call the US, Asia and Europe home. This experience of the world, combined with a deep interest in sustainability, an acute insight into different cultures, and love of wildlife and nature, have combined to shape an aesthetic that draws on organic sensibilities, with strong, rugged accents and a sense of adventure. This distinct look is underscored by designs that place connection, depth of meaning and warmth at the fore.

Atlas Accessories has grown from Gregory’s personal search for hard-wearing and stylish jewellery pieces into a brand that is equally focused on the marking of meaningful experiences, empowering storytelling and using success to power change. Consistent with Gregory’s belief that the planet should be treated like a stakeholder, giving back forms a core pillar of Atlas’ ethos and the brand has partnered with select organisations personally chosen by Gregory for their commitment to wildlife, conservation and sustainability.