From the earliest days of civilisation, humans have used stories to create and strengthen bonds of friendship and peace. Ancient tribes also used accessories and jewellery to tell stories, empower and protect.

A bracelet might be given to commemorate a special event, a pendant as a symbol of protection, or a unique piece to represent a connection to or protection by nature or a spirit animal. Because they were skilfully crafted using natural materials and traditional methods, accessories lasted the lifetime of their wearers, growing in character and depth of meaning as they accompanied you through life’s adventures.

In this way, accessories were special pieces that could tell stories of their own and act as reminders of important memories, experiences or beliefs.

This amazing illustration by Mark Nerys describes the history and development of accessories, going all the way back to 9000 B.C., and what Atlas is all about.

© COPYRIGHT Illustration by Mark Nerys

How Atlas was born

Atlas Accessories is the culmination of a personal passion of our founder Gregory French. Since high school he would collect accessories to mark meaningful experiences. Many pieces would not last as he never took them off and they were not durable enough to withstand the many adventure he would go on.  He started to search for pieces that were not only stylish but that used natural durable materials with deeper meaning. His curiosity about materials and design grew. He couldn’t find anything that combined deeper meaning with durability so he started to craft rudimentary pieces focusing on developing the meaning within each piece using various symbolic materials.

Carrying these portable stories on his wrist with him everywhere he went, it was a great way to engage with people and inspire them to share their stories and memories. People began asking where he got the accessories, what they meant and even if they could buy the accessories from his wrist on several occasions. This is what made him start thinking about starting Atlas Accessories.

He decided to seek out a skilled craftsperson to help turn his roughly made pieces and design ideas in his head into properly crafted accessories. He met Dagna, a talented young craftswoman, who shared his vision and curiosity about materials and their meaning and Atlas Accessories was born.


Gregory grew up on the East Coast of the United States. Upon finishing his education, he went on to enjoy a successful career in Finance, a career which took him all around the world.  Later as Chief Strategist, Gregory created and built startup companies internationally which allowed him to pursue his curiosity about a different, more spiritual world and exploring and learning from many cultures.

Dagna has been crafting jewellery since childhood with a particular passion for traditional craft methods. A master craftsperson even at a young age Dagna has brought to life the vision of using out of the ordinary materials to craft durable luxury accessories that go beyond mere style.


What makes Atlas special

Out of the ordinary

Atlas Accessories combines ethically sourced stones & organic gems, precious metals, vintage beads, and unusual leathers with unique provenance that you won’t find in mass-produced accessories. We design out of the ordinary accessories with a unique spirit, potent with deeper meaning, that connects the wearer to a timeless tradition of self-expression.

Meticulously handcrafted to last                                                

We use traditional methods to create elegant and durable accessories from our workshops in London. Our unique leathers are all hand-cut, with each lace lovingly and repeatedly waxed, conditioned and polished over 8 weeks. Our stones & metals are cut and polished by hand and we never use adhesives. Lasting quality is paramount to us and you will find that your accessory simply improves with wear.


Some of our accessories are so natural they actually need to be watered now and again. At Atlas we use only the best natural materials and our leathers, metals, gemstones are carefully handpicked. We ensure every piece we make is good for the wearer as well as for the Earth.

See the detailed descriptions of the materials we use here.


Atlas Accessories allows you to express deeper meaning and tell your story. Stories communicate something beyond words and each Atlas accessory captures something elusive, going beyond a mere expression of style.

Conscious Success

We believe in a new and more balanced view of success. Success is represented by abundance and this is achieved by balancing the tangible and intangible to create harmony. This is real, lasting success - quality of life in harmony with active consciousness. Material success and doing the right thing are no longer mutually exclusive and the Atlas customer believes in celebrating what is unique in each of us knowing that diversity in harmony creates the ability to thrive.

Positive Action and Positive Energy

We believe that our success should power positive change and that ultimately every purchase should have a positive impact. We ensure that our artisans thrive and we treat the planet like a stakeholder, donating a percentage of our gross revenue to our non-profit partners.

We currently work with charities that support the Environment, Animal Welfare & Rescue and Wildlife & Habit Conservation.

Find out more how we give back.  We hope that you will be as inspired by our partners work as we are and invite you to come join our mission.

Atlas Accessories balance traditional luxury craftsmanship with accessible pricing. This is extremely important to us and we ensure all our pieces are individually hand made with great attention to detail. While mass-produced pieces may be less expensive, they are not unique, ethical or sustainable, and they typically don’t last that long. Often they don’t last more than a year if worn all the time, including showering and swimming. We believe important pieces should last a lifetime, the way accessories were traditionally made, without adhesives, and not become just another piece of waste on our planet.