About Us



Who we are

Atlas Accessories is the brainchild of Founder Gregory French, following a lifelong interest in ancient craft & symbolism, and a career building startups and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

After years of buying or making bracelets that didn’t last or didn’t quite have enough symbolism to make for a meaningful accessory, Gregory decided to start designing his own. He met fellow Co-founder Dagna at a local bead shop whilst looking for a craftsperson to help his dream become a reality. After being impressed by her passion and talent, the pair decided to join forces and Atlas Accessories began to take shape.

The Atlas range is inspired by Gregory’s desire to express his love for nature, animals and symbolism together with his life changing experiences travelling and meeting different groups of people and cultures from around the world.

Finally, Atlas Accessories would not be where it is today without its namesake; Atlas the rescue dog, Gregory’s loving companion and embodiment of the positive energy we aim to channel through our pieces. The distinctive pawprint on our boxes was inspired by Atlas’ experience of snow for the very first time.


What we do

Here at Atlas Accessories, we were very clear on what our brand values were from the start; a commitment to excellence and quality, providing you with a fantastic customer experience, and the concept of style with depth; we craft for a purpose, not just for a use.

As a result, the bracelets and pendants we have created are designed to withstand all of life’s adventures. Materials are personally selected for quality by our founder, and put together by our small team of international craftspeople. Our leather is sustainably sourced from small or family-run businesses around the globe and carries a 3 year guarantee for long lasting quality, with a free wax oil sample and polishing cloth included to help you take care of your leather for longer.

Traditionally accessories were about symbolism, expression and meaning. Atlas revisits this millenia-old concept with rugged yet elegant styles that fit into your modern lifestyle. Each and every one of our designs have been picked out for their unique provenance, ready to become a part of your own story.