Accent Bracelet - Vintage Orange Venetian White Heart Beads

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Creativity. Vitality. Connection.

Product Description

Vintage Orange Venetian White Heart Beads with Recycled Sterling Silver Clasp.

Orange is a colour most of us associate with the autumn season. Deep, rich and lustrous, it reminds us of pumpkins and squash, persimmons and the changing colours of autumn leaves. 

About The Collection

We chose these lustrous vintage Venetian white-heart trade beads to create a special limited edition autumn Accent bracelet because of their rich colour, history and depth of meaning. They go perfectly with the deeper browns of our tribal leathers and the earth tones we gravitate towards during this season. The perfect dash of colour for your autumn wardrobe that will keep you energised and cheerful every time you look at them. See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information.

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