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What is your earliest design memory for your brand? The first piece I designed was the Affinity when I was 24 years old, after my first ever experience of Africa. It blew my mind and it was the only place that has ever made me shed a tear when I left. I had always worked with animals in some way since I was a kid and to experience Africa for the first time was just incredible...

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IN FOCUS: What’s so special about Atlas leathers?

Gregory French founder of Atlas Accessories tells Retail Jeweller the story behind the brand’s naturally durable and sustainable leathers.

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Growth markets: Men’s and kids’ jewellery trends

As interest in men’s and kids’ jewellery continues to increase, Rachael Taylor looks at new trends and developments in these sectors.

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Ep. 26 Atlas Accessories - Men's Jewellery that contains spirit

Originally from New York, Gregory has spent years exploring the World and during his travels he's taken elements from other cultures and a variety of traditions, to create the fundamentals of Atlas Accessories...

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Ep 38 - Georgina speaks to AtlasAccessories founder Gregory French

Gregory says, ‘Atlas Accessories got started because at 55 I decided I wanted to do something for myself’. It brings together his love of jewellery design, interest in meaning and symbolism and enjoyment of storytelling...

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Marrying natural and organic materials with quality craftsmanship, Atlas Accessories presents a collection of modern jewellery pieces rich in symbolism and meaning. With each piece telling a story — your story — these adornments are defined by a unique energy, historic connections and a sense of consciousness...

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