At Atlas we love the world accountability. For us this means not just operating in an ethical and sustainable manner, but behaving like a keystone species and taking responsibility for the health and well being of our ecosystem in a holistic way.  
Keystone Concept
A keystone species, like humans, defines an entire ecosystem. It has a dramatically disproportionate impact on its ecosystem compared to its size and its actions governs the health and well being of the entire ecosystem. This position of responsibility is the role we feel companies should play, ensuring all stakeholders in its ecosystem can thrive. We also believe that the planet should be treated like a primary stakeholder in every ecosystem. This concept governs every action and decision at Atlas. Our success should improve the health and well being of everyone in our ecosystem from artisan to supplier, staff and customer and the planet itself. Being part of the Atlas Tribe means you are committed to this concept.

Made Responsibly
We source all of our materials from small or family run local businesses which allows us to focus our support on local communities and artisans and ensure fair trade practices. This also increasers transparency and ensures that we source each material responsibly, from our tribal leathers to recycled precious metals, even our dinosaur gembone is from found collections amassed in the 50’s and 60’s as opposed to excavation. As we grow our goal is to use our success to power change by increasing wages for artisans and reinvesting in the local communities to ensure their well being.

Made to Last
At Atlas we favour quality over quantity and our goal is to reduce consumption and disposability. Our choice of materials, meticulous attention to detail in making each piece, 3 year guarantee and low cost after care are the cornerstones of our commitment to ensuring that each piece stands the test of time and does not end up in landfills, unlike most fast fashion or lower cost mass produced jewellery.

Made to Reduce Waste
In addition to using only recyclable organic materials, and never using glue, our packaging is a great example of our commitment to reducing waste. Every aspect of our packaging is 100% recyclable ensuring none of it ends up a landfill.

Made to Be Worn With Pride
Every piece of Atlas jewellery not only empowers authentic expression but is an elegant daily reminder of the positive impact you help to create. You can calculate the exact impact your purchase has had and show off not just your style but your commitment to ensuring a greener legacy.