We took inspiration for the Aeon range from the tradition of love locks on bridges across Europe. Our artisan makers hand cut and polish bricks of organic gems, stones and precious metals, and bind them with knots of elegant leather symbolising connection and commitment – just like a love lock on a bridge. We began with Baltic Amber because the first ever Aeon was created to represent a lock on a small bridge in a Polish town, and amber is an organic gem we love. We are currently expanding our collection of stones that we make available so people can choose the stone, organic gem or metal that resonates most with them.

The Aeon collection not only has a unique and eye-catching style, but is also a wearable reminder of a deep commitment or bond to someone or something.

We select out of the ordinary, vintage and rare materials through our network of partners worldwide that we know also believe in traditional artisan craftsmanship, ethical sustainability, and creating a cycle of positive action in business. Together we create accessories with a unique spirit that stand out from the crowd and are designed to accompany you through all of life’s adventures.