Accent Bespoke Bracelet - Vintage Sky-Blue Snake Vertebrae Bead Base

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Awareness. Transformation. Evolution. 


Product Description

Our bespoke Accent bracelet with sky-blue vintage glass snake vertebrae trade beads is the ideal canvas on which to create a truly unique statement piece. This bracelet combines the history and symbolism of our snake beads with the power of numbers, and you can choose to embed either our black or coral colour snake beads. Snakes evoke creative life force and the strength and power to transform, and they are a powerful reminder that in life, transitions are a constant. 

You can choose to embed numerology numbers or any set of numbers that holds deeper meaning for you to create a stylish Accent that tells your personal story. We embed up to 3 sets of numbers, each with a maximum of 11 beads for each position. It’s like embedding a secret code that only you hold the key to. Each bracelet is made with your choice of clasp in either recycled sterling silver or recycled 14k gold.

Once purchased we will get in touch to discuss your choice of numbers or any alterations to the number of positions and can even send you a photo of how it will look to ensure you are completely thrilled.


About The Collection

The Atlas Accent range combines texture and touch with elegance and colour. We designed itusing symbolism-infused beadsto be something special and serve as an eye-catching ‘accent’ to your look. See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information.


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