Marrying natural, organic and ethically-sourced materials with quality craftsmanship. Each piece is durable, handmade, and designed to create social connections.

Nature has a remarkable way of finding balance within an ecosystem. From keystone species to insects, forestry to farmland, geography and climate – an equilibrium is found and harmonious relationship installed. The interconnected relationships are symbiotic and special. Likewise, the connection between two entities has value, potential and spiritual energy. We see this dynamic between product and person in the context of Atlas Accessories. A genuine connection is born.

At our very core, this is what Atlas stands for; authentic connections. This core idea drives our jewellery concepts, design decisions, company culture, external communications and customer service.

Atlas Accessories has grown from a search for hard-wearing and stylish jewellery pieces into a brand that is equally focused on the marking of meaningful experiences, empowering storytelling and using success to power change. We want to change the way people relate to jewellery and to the world around them through story and connection.

Materials & Care

Tribal Leathers so durable you can even swim with them.

As an organic material, our unique tribal leathers benefit from ongoing care so we include a complimentary pot of wax oil with your leather accessory to keep it supple. We recommend a very small dab applied directly to the leather while it is being worn. Only apply the wax oil when the leather is completely dry and then allow a few hours for it to fully dry, before re-exposing it to water or other elements.

Our accessories prefer to be worn and we have specifically chosen materials that improve with wear and usage. They are designed to be part of your life and accompany you through all of life’s adventures — in all conditions, without you worrying about them.

Our plant fibre is a natural and organic substance that is sustainably sourced from Africa. Harvested and prepared by hand, the plant fibre is so organic it actually needs to be watered every now and again as it will stiffen when not being used. When worn for the first time, this material may feel stiff and inflexible, but plant fibre will relax and mould to fit you perfectly once exposed to water — either fully submerged or in the shower.
Organic gemstones refer to a special group of natural materials that are unique in how they are formed. They are organic materials that have been mineralized – where organic material is replaced and infilled by chalcedony, opal, calcite, aragonite, pyrite or other mineral material over millions of years.

The similarity among organic gemstones such as Baltic Amber and Dinosaur Gembone is that they’re typically softer than their mineral cousins. But organic gemstones are among the oldest materials used in ceremony and ornamentation by humans dating all the way back to the Stone Age.

At Atlas we typically use; Honey, Brown & Dark Brown Baltic Amber, Green Baltic Amber, Black Baltic Amber, Dinosaur Gembone, Jade, South African Jade, Lapis Lazuli and Mountain (Rock) Crystal.
Our precious metals are uniquely made by our network of goldsmiths and silversmiths, all of our precious metals are recycled, and each piece is hallmarked individually by hand in London, England.

We include a polishing cloth with items made from precious metals to help you protect and preserve the lustre of your accessories.


Synergy with nature

We inspire our audience to connect with nature and be in-tune with the natural world, to enjoy a symbiotic relationship with the earth and all living things – treating the planet like a stakeholder. At Atlas, we honour this idea with design practices that choose sustainable materials and respect the provenance and meaning of each product.

Style with substance

Style on its own is just fashion, or costume. Atlas is much more than this. We’re a brand that inspires purpose and meaning in everything we do. All our jewellery designs embody symbolic ideas, and the inherent durable qualities grant permanence and substance – forever part of the wearer’s personal story.

Positive legacy

Atlas is rooted in tradition and inspired by the power of symbolism. This is coupled with the contemporary awareness to create a vibrant future. Our ancestors have taught us to value good ideas from generations past, then act to create a world where we are respectful and accountable – to leave a positive legacy.

Symbols of truth

Symbols create stories and allegories that have ignited the human spirit for generations. They are perhaps the single most powerful way to communicate. Atlas creates jewellery that gives both purpose and meaning to the wearer, inspiring personalised and authentic stories using symbolism – embodied in our tribal leathers, recycled precious metals and gemstones.