The Modern Use of Amulets

Men’s amulets have a rich history spanning across cultures and have been worn for centuries as symbols of protection, spirituality, and personal style. In this blog, we delve into the modern use of amulets and how they can help us thrive. 


What is an Amulet in the Modern Sense?

Over millennia, amulets have evolved from metaphysical objects to status symbols, in the form of trinkets, tokens, objects, accessories and especially jewellery. Today when we think of an amulet our minds think of jewellery, picturing a pendant necklace with a unique and alluring object hanging from it. Amulets are enjoying new popularity, especially amongst men, and have become an important piece in our fashion arsenal that expresses and can communicate who we are in various ways. 

Amulets easily make a fashion statement and visually communicate our views, interests and even what we think about ourselves and how we want to be seen. But they also serve as symbolic reflections of our beliefs and a way to connect with something that promotes our well being. A little something that allows us to reflect, ground and thrive. An amulet can speak volumes depending on how much of our story you decide to share. 


Amulets as Fashion Statements 

Fashion is a form of symbolism. Colour, shape and texture tell a story and brand labels are perfect examples of modern symbolism that convey identity. Jewellery is no different and even more personal in terms of what it says about our personality and beliefs. An amulet is eye-catching and can make a bold statement and more and more men are embracing amulets as a form of self-expression. 

Amulets combine style with purpose, and are a great way to strike a balance between aesthetics and personal significance. The colour, shape and design will tell something of our personal style and the stone or metal may speak to more personal beliefs and aspirations that you can choose to communicate.


Amulets as Mindfulness Tools: Enhancing Well-being and Focus

Throughout history, amulets have held various purposes, from curing diseases to averting malevolent forces and fostering good fortune. Although the advent of modern medicine and the emphasis on scientific evidence changed our perceptions of the medical benefits, amulets still hold value as objects of spiritual and symbolic reflection. Touchstones, that neuroscience now shows us, have a positive cognitive impact when we connect with important memories and meaning. So, in the modern sense an amulet fulfils the role of healer as a tool that grounds us and enhances our focus to improve our wellbeing.  

With the increasing interest in spirituality, self-care and different wellness practices, men are even exploring how to use amulets as reminders and touchstones for mindfulness practices that positively impact their well-being.

For this reason the experience of touch is essential for an amulet. The raw form and tactile nature of each amulet combined with the symbolic meaning, creates a sensory connection to each piece. This sensory experience is as important, if not more so, than the look, style, and visual experience of each piece. That tactile connection will elevate your mind, restore your equilibrium and south your soul. 


Amulets as Social Facilitators 

Storytelling is a fundamental part of being human and lets us share information in a multi-sensory way that creates an energetic and emotional connection - and it makes the information we consume more memorable.

Today we use fashion to express ourselves and tell our story, and jewellery has become an increasing part of that, especially with men. An amulet can represent both the material and the metaphysical, giving you layers of information to share both visually and verbally. 

Worn on the outside for the world to see, an amulet invites enquiry and makes the perfect conversation piece. It can serve as a conversation starter, enabling us to share our stories and connect with others who resonate with our interests and values – which is exactly how we are hard wired to find our tribe. 


Fidget Jewellery and Amulets 

Fidget jewellery is anything you want to continuously play with and that distracts you through repetitive touch. It incorporates a variety of tactile elements that can be incredibly soothing and meditative to touch. The curve and shape of beads or textured surfaces engage the senses and help to distract the mind from worries and repetitive thoughts. 

Reaching up and holding an amulet hanging from a necklace feels so natural that you will find yourself doing it unconsciously. The touch and texture will create a sensory connection that focuses the mind and spirit. 

Research also now shows that keeping your fingers busy can actually help to quiet the mind and anchor you in the present moment. The physical connection provided by fidget jewellery forces you to focus on something outside of your body, which can be incredibly grounding and therapeutic




In conclusion, amulets have a long and rich history that spans many cultures and civilizations, and they are experiencing a rebirth, finding new purpose and use, especially amongst men.

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