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Jewellery as a Touchstone for Balance and Grounding

Jewellery has always been much more than just adornment. It has been a source of comfort, grounding, and even spiritual connection for people across cultures and throughout history. Whether a carved amulet, prayers beads or modern fidget jewellery, we have been using jewellery as touchstone and talisman for millennia to help us ground and connect. 


What is Fidget Jewellery

Fidget jewellery incorporates a variety of tactile elements that can be incredibly soothing and meditative. Whether it's spinning, sliding or other movement components, the curve and shape of beads, or textured surfaces, these elements engage the senses and help to distract the mind from worries and repetitive thoughts.

Fidget jewellery is anything you want to continuously play with and that distracts you through repetitive touch.  This can come in many different forms, including carved pendants, necklaces rings, bracelets, and earrings. 



What is the History of Fidget Jewellery 

Fidget jewellery has its roots in ancient prayer and meditation practices and is an evolution of Greek worry beads, the rosary, misbaha and mala beads. Across cultures, people have used beads and other accessories to ground themselves and connect with something beyond themselves. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend in jewellery designed with movement and tactile elements, known as fidget jewellery. It incorporates a variety of features such as spinning or sliding components, beads, or textured surfaces, and can come in many different forms, including rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. This modern adaptation of the ancient tradition of using jewellery for grounding and calming purposes has become increasingly popular, particularly as a tool to help manage stress and anxiety in our busy modern world.


Why is Fidget Jewellery Good 

The concept of a security blanket or good-luck charm may seem childish, but the truth is that we all need a touchstone that we can connect with. Jewellery and accessories provide that stability and familiarity that we crave, and they can even promote a sense of balance and calm. As we become adults, jewellery and accessories become our stable touchstone that we connect with.

Research also now shows that keeping your fingers busy can actually help to quiet the mind and anchor you in the present moment. The physical connection provided by fidget jewellery forces you to focus on something outside of your body, which can be incredibly grounding and therapeutic.

At Atlas we understand and believe in the power of touch and our passion is to create jewellery that not only has a purpose but that changes the way you connect and relate to the world around you. 


“The experience of touch is a focal point of Atlas designs. The raw form and tactile nature of each sustainable material, combined with the symbolic meaning, creates a sensory connection to each piece.” Gregory French, Founder 



In conclusion, jewellery has always been much more than just a decorative accessory. It has been a source of comfort, grounding, and even spiritual connection for people across cultures and throughout history. Fidget jewellery is just one example of how tactile elements can promote a sense of balance and calm, and provide a much-needed distraction from the worries and stresses of everyday life.

At Atlas our goal is to make raw organic statement pieces that change the way you relate to jewellery and to the world around you. 


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