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Effortless Style Tip No. 6: Use Accessories That Tell Your Story

Use Accessories That Tell Your Story 

Cornerstone to an effortless and elevated style is the principle that less is more as we mentioned previously. We have all heard this a thousand times, but why is this so important? A calm, cool and collected style is great, but we think this is just the canvass for authentic expression.

The subtlety and neutral palate that is cornerstone to effortless style let’s signature pieces pop and stand out more.

A signature piece is something you wear all the time, and that often has a particular meaning or story behind it. Signature pieces have the ability to make very personal statements, but only if the backdrop is neutral and calming to the eye so that these pieces stand out. 

Especially in today’s world of ubiquitous good taste and style, jewellery and other accessories are the principal players in telling your story.

At Atlas our goal is to make raw organic statement pieces that change the way you relate to jewellery and to the world around you. We love to personalise pieces wherever possible. Check out our Bespoke Options or get in touch (here) to find out how we can help bring your story to life.

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