Bespoke Options – Atlas Accessories
At Atlas we love to get personal, and have greatly enjoyed creating bespoke pieces for our customers. The designing is fun, but hearing our customers’ personal stories and what holds deeper meaning to them is something we treasure.

How does Bespoke Jewellery act as a Social Facilitator?

Atlas is, at its core, all about facilitating authentic connections. We all need to find our tribe but that isn’t always easy, and we do not always have the confidence to connect or know what to say.
A bespoke accessory creates a unique statement piece that exudes authentic and effortless style with an energy all its own. We especially love personalisation because it holds unique information about you, like a secret code using numerology, that you can decide to share with people.
By sharing your personal story, it facilitates authentic connections with others and encourages others to share their story. Humans have used story-telling, and jewellery in particular, to connect and find their tribe for thousands of generations and our brains are hard-wired for this experience.
Whether to tell your story or to create a deeply meaningful gift - you can personalise Atlas accessories to create a piece that is perfectly in tune with you or a loved one.
Aeon with numerology life path number

We designed this piece for a 60th birthday present. Using the Aeon design which represents an eternal commitment, we chose mountain crystal to symbolise clarity, integration and manifestation and bound it with Kangaroo leather to symbolise standing in the self-awareness of one’s own power. We then added 8 loops of leather to signify the wearer’s life path # 8 and 6 rings of recycled sterling silver to mark the 6 decades for his 60th birthday. We chose the leather for the #8 because like life, the leather is strong but flexible and silver as a solid substance that marks a moment in time.

Accent Bracelet with Numerology Numbers

Our Accent bracelet with glass snake vertebrae trade beads is the ideal canvas on which to create a bespoke statement piece. We combined the symbolism of our snake beads (transformation) with the meaning derived from numerology’s life path, cycle and pinnacle numbers which are reminders of the symbolic challenges we face in life and that govern the many transformations through which we evolve. The brown snake beads are rare and accent the bracelet to highlight the numerology numbers, creating a stylish talisman with authentic deeper meaning. You can embed numerology numbers or any number that has a deeper meaning for you and this bracelet grants permanence to your unique story.

How to Create a Bespoke Piece

Whether you simply want to choose a different tribal leather that has a particular symbolic meaning, or add precious metal rings to signify special numbers or meaning, we love to discuss what holds meaning for you.
Reach out and connect with us on WhatsApp (+44 7944 085822) or use the contact form below to share your story and we will create something special together.