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Connecting to Yourself


What Does It Mean to Be Connected to Yourself

In the broadest sense this means being aware of the various dimensions that make up your being - your mind, body and spirit. And on a deeper level, it is about being in tune with your thoughts, emotions, instincts, images, sensations, impulses, desires, attachments, and other responses and stimuli. It is knowing and understanding your uniquely individual personality that derives from this deeply complex narrative that goes on inside each of us.

The deeper you connect with yourself the more developed your senses and self-awareness as well as self-acceptance. This balance state is the foundation of hope and compassion and a core strength that is unshakeable through that deep connection to the entire universe that is inside you.

“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you.” - Rumi


How Do You Know If You Are Disconnected From Yourself?

To consciously connect with yourself you first need to understand if, and how, you are disconnected. When you are disconnected from yourself you may experience self-doubt, low self-esteem, a lack of confidence, lack of purpose or meaning, and constant anxiety on an emotional level.

I physical terms it may even manifest as unhealthy lifestyle choices, bad relationship patters, emotional instability and even chronic physical ailments and a desire not to be touched. 

A lack of connection to spirit is literally a cutting off of a source of energy that drives hope, and you might experience feeling down, unworthy or fearful of connecting to others.


Why is connecting with yourself important?

Connecting with yourself is vital for leading a fulfilling life. It brings clarity to decision-making, balance to your life, and a sense of emotional and physical prosperity. And when you're in touch with yourself, it's much easier to connect with others and find your tribe.

You’ll enjoy more confidence, feel more at peace, receive more insights, have better relationships, and, perhaps best of all, you’ll believe in and trust yourself.

The practice of Self-connection helps the individual not only release emotions and feeling that distract or harm you but more importantly, it helps you access valuable resources like awareness, wisdom, choice, instinct and trust that allow you to transform.


How Connection to Meaning and Memory Helps Us Connect to Ourselves

Our experiences shape who we are through the emotional, physical and spiritual effects they have on us. Most scholars and neuroscientists now agree that the memories of those experiences are equally as important and impactful in shaping who we are.

Symbolism was a precursor to language and the earliest way for us to immortalise significant experiences

 You just have to look at millennia old cave drawings to understand this. Then we created amulets and other adornments that were crafted to immortalise important meaning - portable symbols that allowed us to connect and remember.

We tell stories of our experiences and memories all the time and the stories we tell ourself and others through life create who we are.

Art, jewellery and fashion are extensions of self. They tell your story through the emotional and symbolic impact of the designs but the choice of materials, colours and often the symbolic meaning behind them speak volumes and jewellery and fashion are daily reminders f these meanings and memories that help us stay connected.


Ways to Strengthen Your Connection to Yourself

Ultimately it is about making a choice. Taking time to ask yourself how you are felling is the simplest way to check in. Find a moment of silence and see what emotions you feel. Then tune into your body and notice what you are feeling physically and how it relates to the emotions you are felling.

Take just five minutes each morning or night to sit in silence and just be present and simply notice your thoughts while focusing on your breathing. Letting each thought occur and witnessing them objectively, noticing how your body reacts to each thought. The great thing about meditation is that is can be anything that helps you still your mind and be present - this can even be something as simple as cooking, or gardening or walking in nature.



In conclusion, being connected to oneself means being aware of and in tune with one's thoughts, emotions, sensations, impulses, and desires. It is a deeper understanding and acceptance of one's unique individuality and personality. And ultimately, being truly connected to yourself will let you connect to others, find your tribe and lead a balanced and fulfilling life.

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