Token3 Bracelet for Connection & Wisdom - Brown Dinosaur Gembone

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Connection.  Remembrance.  Wisdom. 

Product Description

Brown dinosaur gembone on kangaroo strap.  Clasp in recycled sterling silver. Please see our Materials & Care section for further information.

About The Collection

Atlas ‘Tokens’ are a wonderful connection to our aspirations.  Carefully selected stones represent a different aspiration we carry for ourselves and wish for others. 

Inspired by ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation traditions, the Token3 is designed to calm the body and mind. Featuring three thick round wheels and sturdy Kangaroo leather, it's our newest take on fidget jewellery.

The dinosaur gembone beads of the Token3 have a tactile surface that engages the mind on contact. Rolling the beads with your finger sends a soothing vibration through your skin, providing a comforting distraction for your mind. It’s our ultimate answer to fidget jewellery and like all Atlas pieces is hand crafted to last, so you can twirl and touch to your hearts content without fear of it breaking

But the Token3 isn't just a functional piece – the dark brown kangaroo and abstract earth tones of the dinosaur gembone exude an earthy grace that goes with any outfit or colour scheme. And our signature knot locks the wheels in place, binding together the symbolism of strength & self-awareness of the Kangaroo with the wisdom of the dinosaur gembone giving you deeper meaning to connect to and focus on.

Wear it as the piece closest to your wrist, at the head of any bracelet stack. It's a versatile piece that goes with everything and encourages movement, touch and connection. Experience the calming and grounding energy of the Token3 for yourself. And let the soothing sensation of the beads against your skin carry your mind to calmer shores.

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