Braid Bracelet - Recycled Copper & Australian Kangaroo

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Harmony. Wisdom. Transformation.

Product Description

Recycled Copper rings and Australian Kangaroo leather.  Clasp in recycled sterling silver. Please see our Materials & Care section for further information. 


About The Collection

Discover the enchanting blend of artistry and symbolism with our meticulously hand-crafted leather braid bracelet. 

In the dance of numbers, 3 and 11 are the perfect partners, their symbolic meanings interwoven to support and amplify each other. 

The design evokes the number 3’s profound presence in life - from the foundational cycles of nature to the mind-body-soul connection and the stories that shape our understanding – 3 is a symbol of harmony and wisdom. 

This bracelet celebrates the number 3 not just as a reminder of the creativity and optimism that flow through every aspect of our existence, but also the symbolic meaning of wholeness and completeness in its most graceful form – within ourselves. 

The 3 leather strands intertwine and embrace 11 handmade recycled sterling silver rings that serve as a conduit for the profound energy of the number 11. Recognised as a master number, 11 is a symbol of the intrinsic connection to our inner selves—our true source of power. It carries a unique vibration that empowers transformation, urging us to align with our spirit and soul and express our unique story with confidence. The presence of these rings on your wrist is a constant reminder of the importance of staying true to your intuition, reminding us that the most authentic connection is the one we forge with ourselves.

This bracelet isn't just an accessory; it's a testament to the journey of the soul, beautifully captured in the timeless elegance of leather and silver. Embrace the magic of numbers and let this unique piece inspire you to live a life that's not only seen but deeply felt.


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