Amulet Necklace - Recycled 14K Yellow Gold & African Kudu

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Resilience. Purity. Compassion. 

Product Description

Did you know that very Atlas Gold Amulet saves more than an acre of endangered habit. See How We Give Back for more details. 

Recycled 14k yellow gold and African Kudu. Clasp in 14k recycled yellow gold. Please see our Materials & Care section for further information.


About The Collection

This Atlas ‘Amulet’ uses the finest metal known to man; gold.  With its long and powerful association with wealth, happiness and the unmistakable feeling of comfort, gold possesses powerful, positive energy and can help to cleanse and purify.

Kudu is a traditional tribal resource across Eastern and Southern Africa. Kudus are extremely populous in Africa and are one of the largest mammals in the Antelope family.  Our Kudu leather is purchased from local subsistence hunting in Namibia where they sell the hides for additional income. It’s a historically proven leather that helps to reduce disposability and waste.



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