Our Quality Guarantee

We donate 5% of our gross income to save and permanently protect endangered habitats

A proud partner of the World Land Trust (WLT)

All pieces of jewellery have a 3-year guarantee

3 Year Warranty

We’re incredibly proud of our jewellery which is designed to last a lifetime, but we understand things happen. If your Atlas Accessories jewellery piece ever wears, tears, rips or frays within 3 years, simply get in touch with us and we will repair the accessory for free

We’re here to ensure you are delighted, no matter what.

All our accessories are covered by a 3 year warranty from the day they were bought, when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This warranty covers faults in materials and workmanship and doesn't apply if damage is caused by unreasonable use, damage or neglect or if you change your mind.

In order to make a 3 year warranty claim, you need to have purchased your Atlas Accessories piece through our website and you must provide proof of purchase.

Our Atlas Accessories Guarantee

At Atlas Accessories, we guarantee that every accessory is specifically designed to improve with time and use. 

We do not contribute to the disposability, deforestation and biodiversity loss that is associated with mass-produced leathers. We work closely with our network of artisans and suppliers to not only choose the best quality raw materials to work with, but co-develop handcrafting techniques to create a finished piece that will endure all the elements. 

We give each piece the attention to detail that only handcrafting can deliver and have purposefully chosen our leathers and organic materials for their organic properties, symbolism and historical provenance of sustainability, utility and durability. We even wax and condition our leathers for 8-12 weeks to make sure that you receive the best quality possible.

Your accessory is just as much about positive energy and connection as it is about aesthetics. Each material tells a unique story and carries a raw organic energy - and we like to preserve that.

Because it is precious and you are attached to it, your sustainable eco-luxe accessory deserves our utmost attention. 

As each piece is designed and cleansed to connect with its wearer, we understand that you may miss your piece while it is with us for repair. 

Average repair times are in line with our standard dispatch time frames which you can see on our Shipping page. 

Once we have received your accessory, we will stay in touch with you and keep you apprised along the way.

A thing to note: the return shipping isn't covered by Atlas Accessories and refunds need to be sent to the original purchaser's method of payment. Once your piece is restored we will ship it back to you for free. 


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