Uniquely produced by our gold and silversmiths, all of our precious metals are recycled and each piece is individually and traditionally hand-punch hallmarked in the UK.

We Include a polishing cloth to help you protect and preserve the lustre of your accessories.

 Gold: Purity and Compassion – Whereas most metals are grey or silvery-white, gold stands out for its luminosity and richness. One theory of how gold came to Earth was by asteroid impacts sinking into our molten planet over 4 billion years ago. We use 14k Gold which is recycled and uniquely produced by our goldsmith. Our gold is tactile and comforting to the touch. Each piece we use is solid and not hollowed out. 


 Sterling Silver: Balance and Healing – Sterling silver was being used by for trade and commerce in Continental Europe as early as the 12th century. Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. 
Copper: The great conductor – Copper is known to transport, connect and amplify energy. It assists in opening up new connections together with providing enhanced connectivity to both internal and external energy sources. 


We select out of the ordinary, vintage and rare materials through our network of partners worldwide that we know also believe in traditional artisan craftsmanship, ethical sustainability, and creating a cycle of positive action in business.

Glass beads are quite durable and can be washed with water and an organic soap. Since our accessories are designed to never be taken off, you can even just wash them in the shower or bath with you if they get dirty. If you are using our wax oil to care for any leather accessories, you can get a small film of oil building up on the glass beads. Gently wash them with an organic soap at any time and you can also polish them with the polishing cloth we provide.

 Glass Goomba Trade Beads: Grounding and connection - Goomba beads are made of porcelain were made during the 19th and early 20th centuries in West Africa, particularly Nigeria. They carry the energy from the connections they’ve enabled by being passed from hand to hand through inter-continental trade since the early 1800s. Goomba beads can be worn as a calming influence and a reminder to stay grounded - empowering a balanced life. They also have an eye-catching texture and shape. The age and history of the beads makes each piece distinct and full of character.


 Glass Snake Vertebrae Beads: The power to transform - The first Czech glass snake beads were designed to replicate the actual snake vertebrae of a coiled serpent used by African tribes. Snake vertebrae were used by the indigenous tribes of South Africa for many thousands of years, prior to the capabilities for glass production, and were considered an amulet of protection to many. Our vintage interlocking snake vertebrae beads were made in the early to mid 1900s in Europe by Czech, German and some French producers as trade beads. They are made of glass, and are our ethical replacement for the real snake vertebrae traditionally used. 

Snakes have a multitude of meanings in folklore; they are believed to evoke creative lifeforce and the strength to transform, whether that’s through spiritual awakening, death and rebirth, or simply transitioning through one stage of life to another. Snakes are highly sensitive to their environment which gives them the natural tools to transition and transform. Snake symbolism can be a reminder of an important transition you have already navigated, one you are going through or even a simple but powerful reminder that in life, transitions are a constant.