Did you know you can mix and match our leathers and stones. We have matched some stones with specific leathers but you can choose from any of the over many possible combinations with our Aeon. For example, our Nephrite comes with our tactile and durable Kudu but you might prefer the rugged grounding of Bison to match with the abundance and prosperity of Nephrite.  

Step 1: Choose your favourite gemstone from our Aeon or Amulet collection bellow and add it to your basket; 

Step 2: Duringcheckout add a note to tell us which leather would be just right for you - forexample if you would prefer to have the Nephrite Jade Amulet with AmericanBison instead of African Kudu;

Step 3: You can see the different leathers on ourproducts or refer to our Materials page fordetailed information on each leathers’ unique qualities;

Step 4: We will makeyour order, snap a picture and email it to you just to be sure you love it.