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Aspirations and Tokens

 An aspiration is defined as a strong hope, dream, or goal with a positive, upward connotation. We aspire to be or to become something that is seen as better than what or where we currently are. Aspiration also refers to the act of breathing - especially of breathing in.

What we aspire to informs our world view and also how others see us. Aspirations are the deepest form of personal expression and reflect who we are. The Atlas Token Collection creates a simple wearable reminder of positive aspirations that you can carry with you or give as the ideal gift combining a svelte beauty with purpose.

Our tokens are designed to have movement, be tactile and encourage connection to our aspirations. Something you can touch and fiddle with like worry beads. Some even describe our pieces as meditative, like fidget jewellery, with the tactile nature of our organic materials. 


The Inspiration for the Token Collection 

The design of the Token Collection began with a story about connection, meaning and remembrance.  Atlas was my ridgeback/mastiff rescue dog and a very important part of my life for 13 years. I kept a prehnite with epidote crystal under his bed and when he passed on I gave our lapidaries the stone to carve into an Amulet and a few small oval beads. There were 2 other important people in Atlas’s life and I wanted to not only make a memorable piece for myself, but something I could give both people as a reminder or in memory of Atlas. A “token of remembrance” if you will. 

The Token collection is designed to be something you touch and connect with so the bead is not fixed in place and will often sit next to your pulse. Some customers prefer to have knots placed either side of the single bead to fix it in place still allowing you to role the bead on your wrist like a meditative touchstone.


Tactile & Durable Sustainable Materials With Deeper Meaning

All Aspirations need a solid foundation from which to grow. Our hand-made Tokens are made from either kangaroo leather (symbolising self-awareness & standing in your own power) or recycled sterling silver chain (symbolising the equanimity bourn of emotional balance and healing).  - and we will have gold at some point which is cleansing and purity which also relates to the aspiration concept). The perfect foundation (leather, chain) to support your’s or a loved one’s aspirations. You can explore the meaning behind each of our organic materials here.


Introducing Our New Token Necklace Design

We are excited to share with you the newest addition to the Token Collection. The Token necklace comes in 3 lengths 40cm, 45cm and 50cm and is designed to allow the bead to sit on or just below your collar bone. Like the Token bracelet puts the right energy near your pulse so your body feels the resonance of the stone, the Token necklace places that energy right near your 5th chakra to give voice to your aspiration. Put mountain crystal near your throat chakra to help increase clarity/articulation or lapis to harmonise your soul.


Collect Multiple Aspirations To Tell a Story as Complex as Your Personality

You can collect various or multiple aspirations that combine to be even more powerful. Whether by adding stones or by buying more single pieces design your own unique combinations of positive aspirations to carry with you through life.

Atlas Tokens are a unique and enduring reminder of positive Aspirations! Each Token necklace represents a different aspiration that we carry for ourselves or wish for others.

Carry around your own personal aspirations with the Atlas ‘Tokens’ bracelet collection. These slim necklaces and bracelets are created to reflect positive vibes, strong hope, your dreams or goals and are made with your choice of leather straps or recycled sterling silver chains. Every piece in the collection has a 3-year warranty.


Explore Atlas’ Tokens Collections And Connect with your Aspriations

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