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6 Tips to Achieve a Truly Effortless Style

What is Effortless Style Really?

Often described as a style that is simple, uncomplicated, and light - everyone knows a lot of thought goes into creating an effortless style. But that’s ok, it’s a wonderfully subtle yet powerful way of showing that you care about your personal style, but that you are more focused on comfort and authenticity than style for style’s sake. It also shows you care how others experience you and creates a relaxed and easy to be around energy.


Here are 6 tips to help you achieve effortless style:

  • Authenticity Conveys Confidence
  • Fit Matters Most
  • Choose Durability
  • Choose Quality over Quantity
  • Less is More When it Comes to Colour and Texture
  • Use Accessories Like Jewellery to Tell Your Story


Effortless Style Tip No. 1:  So What is Authenticity When it Comes to Style?

At Atlas we believe effortless style begins with authenticity because authenticity conveys confidence.

Simply speaking - authenticity in style comes down to showcasing the raw materials and being true to yourself.

Raw nature is authentic and beautiful, so when the focus is the quality and allure of the raw materials, it projects that ethos. The focus is on shape and form, and texture, with touch being a key component. Even seeing the raw technical components of a design has a timeless and sophisticated quality to it.

Also wearing things that fit your lifestyle and goals will look more comfortable and confident because they have purpose and meaning. This is even more true with Jewellery. When you wear something with personal meaning, it becomes an extension of you and conveys something beyond style.

We believe that designs should be subtle, showcase the raw materials and facilitate story telling. Your connection to that piece of jewellery, or a comfortable old sweater, tells a little bit about who you are and what holds meaning for you. Showcasing personal meaning with the things you wear - whether for purposes or deeper meaning, is another form of authenticity that makes the style your own. 

Plant fibre for example, showcases your bond with nature and our tribal leathers a commitment to sustainability. Whether the meaning of a particular stone or a personalised element of your jewellery, sharing this meaning with others creates authentic connections that are effortless and empowering. Knowing your jewellery, or a special piece of clothing, holds special meaning to you, is like holding secret information - it gives all of us confidence. And confidence is the backbone of effortless style. So why you wear something, and the story behind that, will give you the confidence that conveys effortlessness.


Ask yourself why you wear something, and you might be surprised.

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