Effortles Style Tip No. 3: What Role Does Durability Play in Creating Effortless Style?

by Gregory French on December 02, 2022

What Role Does Durability Play in Creating Effortless Style?

To have something that is well worn, you need to wear it all the time, for a long time - like that 1950s denim jacket you’ve been eyeing, or your dad’s leather jacket that has been handed down. The natural wear and tear of a life well lived gives authentic character to pieces over time. This is the same for jewellery as it is for clothes. Precious metals take on a deep lustrous patina with use and age, and leathers that can stand the test of time take on a character all their own. Even a well-made fisherman’s wool sweater becomes more tactile and comforting with age.


Choosing pieces that will stand the test of time is key. Mass produced pieces never get the chance to take on character as they seldom last long enough to do so. Every Atlas piece is made to be worn and endure any element, even showering or swimming. You can wear them without fear and watch them take on more and more character over time. You can find more information about our Materials & Care on our website.