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Effortless Style Tip No. 2:  Fit Matters Most
 Fit Matters Most 

A tailored fit is not necessarily tailor-made. Good clean lines that conform to your shape not only speak of quality craftsmanship, it also shows you made the effort to find things that suit you personally.  Remember, effortless style takes effort.

In addition to wearing something that fits your lifestyle, wearing something that looks tailor made to fit you is a cornerstone of effortless style. The appeal of a tailor-made look isn’t just because it reminds us of luxury hand-made Saville Row suits, it is because when something looks well-tailored, it conveys discerning and contemplated tastes.

Just a bit too tight comes across as awkward or trying too hard, and too loose can seem like you somehow missed the mark or were in a rush, or worse, like you don’t care about how you present to others.

Clean lines means that something moves with you and still retains its intended shape. This is exactly why we encourage everyone to give us exact wrist measurements. That little bit of extra effort allows us to tailor each piece to fit you perfectly using our knowledge of the different organic materials and their innate elasticity and form.  Each piece is designed to convey an authentic confidence that is cornerstone to effortless style.

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