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Effortles Style Tip No. 5: Less is More When it Comes to Colour and Texture

Less is More When it Comes to Colour and Texture 

Another point everyone seems to agree on when it comes to effortless and sophisticated style is that less is more.

This is why sophisticated styles typically have a calmer visual aesthetic focused on lines, texture and the shape and form of the raw materials.

Colour palette plays a key role in this and choosing solid colours that create a calm aesthetic also allows the focus to be on the materials, texture and craftmanship of each piece and ties in with choosing quality pieces made from quality natural materials.

Colour also carries deeper meaning and can even effect mood and body posture. We always recommend that you do a little research on the meaning of colours to find which colours you resonate with beyond the visual aspect and ensure you choose colours that showcase your personality and what you want to convey to the world.re this.

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