Effortles Style Tip No. 4: Why is Quality over Quantity So Important for Effortless Style?

by Gregory French on December 02, 2022

 Why is Quality over Quantity So Important for Effortless Style?


One thing everyone seems to agree on when it comes to effortless and sophisticated style is that quality trumps quantity. We have all had the experience of buying things that do not last, and in today’s world we are thankfully more cognoscente of overconsumption and fast-fashion.


Since reducing disposability is a big part of sustainability, choosing quality hand made products, made with sustainable materials, says a lot about who you are. Choosing quality pieces will ensure you will be able to wear each piece long enough for it to take on character and additional meaning. It also conveys a confidence born of discerning tastes. Besides, who wants to lose, or have to throw away, a treasured piece that took you ages to find and that expresses something special about you to the world.


This is key for Atlas, not just because it reduces disposability and is part of being accountable in today’s world, but because we believe that effortless style comes with meaning, use and age, and only quality materials and craftsmanship can ensure this.