Trinity3 Bracelet - Dinosaur Gembone & Dark Havana English Bridle

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Connection. Remembrance. Wisdom. 

Product Description

Dinosaur gembone and dark Havana English bridle. See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information. Clasp in recycled sterling silver or 14k recycled gold.


About The Collection

The Atlas ‘Trinity3’ captures the divine power of three. Using an organic gemstone called Dinosaur Gembone, this has been used and appreciated by humans for millennia. This ancient stone is abundant in energy, wisdom and magic. Allow its properties to access connection, remembrance and wisdom that hides within your soul. 

English Bridle leather is an authentic vegetable or oak bark tanned cow/steer hide is infused with waxes, oils and tallows to give it durability. Sustainably sourced from a small, family business in the UK.

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