Trinity3 Bracelet - Lapis Lazuli & Dark Havana English Bridle

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Awareness. Elevation. Harmony.

Product Description

Introducing the Trinity3 with Lapis Lazuli and Dark Havana English Bridle

We tend to be a little obsessed with the number 3 for its uplifting symbolism - 3 wraps, 3 silver rings on the clasp, 3 lapis beads.

A deep otherworldly blue offset against the dark Havana brown of our English Bridle leather creates a uniquely elevated style.

See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information.


About The Collection

English Bridle leather is an authentic vegetable or oak bark tanned cow/steer hide is infused with waxes, oils and tallows to give it durability.  Sustainably sourced from a small, family business in the UK.


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