Trinity_ALS - Recycled Copper Rings & American Bison

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Connection. Strength. Protection.

Product Description

Recycled Copper rings and American Bison. Clasp in recycled sterling silver. See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information.


About The Collection

The Atlas ‘TrinityALS’ captures the power of numerology.  The bracelet's timeless and sophisticated design is further enhanced with deeper meaning by adding your choice of up to 11 rings in recycled copper to the leather lace, which wraps three times over the wrist. 

Sensual, warm and comforting, copper can transport, connect and amplify us to powerful energies, which would otherwise remain unknown. It can assist in opening up new connections to both internal and external energy sources.

Our Bison leather can be worn for years without damage and improves over time with wear.  Our Bison leather is sourced from sustainable tanneries in the US as a by-product which means zero waste.

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