Token Drop Earrings on Recycled Sterling Silver

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Baltic Amber - Alignment. Balance. Radiance.

Dinosaur Gembone - Connection. Remembrance. Wisdom. 

Nephrite Jade - Acceptance. Abundance. Prosperity.

Lapis Lazuli - Awareness. Harmony. Elevation.

Mountain Crystal - Clarity. Integration. Manifestation.

Recycled Sterling Silver - Equanimity. Healing. Patience.

Product Description

Recycled sterling silver fish hook earrings with your choice of hand carved gemstones: lapis lazuli, nephrite jade, mountain crystal, recycled sterling silver, dinosaur gembone and Baltic amber: green, honey, brown and dark brown.

Please see our Materials & Care section for further information.


About The Collection

Atlas ‘Tokens’ are a wonderful connection to our aspirations.  Carefully selected and hand crafted stones represent a different aspiration we carry for ourselves and wish for others. Recycled sterling silver promotes equanimity through emotional balance and healing and amplifies the qualities of gemstones.

Baltic amber:  this ancient stone transforms negative, stagnant energy into clear and positive energy.  The unique glow from amber serves as a gentle reminder of the light within.  Baltic amber is the perfect gemstone for alignment, balance and radiance.  

Dinosaur gembone: an organic gemstone that has been used and appreciated by humans for millennia. This ancient stone is abundant in energy, wisdom and magic.  Allow its properties to access connection, remembrance and wisdom that hides within your soul.

Mountain crystal:  renowned for its hi-resonance properties, helping to clear away obstacles and light up your path. The perfect organic gemstone for clarity, integration and manifestation.

Nephrite jade: a stone that reminds and connects the wearer to the prosperity and abundance that already surrounds us.  A high-prized stone, used since ancient times, for ceremonial and emotional objects and icons. 

Lapis Lazuli: a soothing deep otherworldly blue stone that helps you shift to the next level and lets the world experience the real you. Strengthen your connection to the magic within you and trust in yourself. The perfect organic gemstone for intuition, harmony and elevation.

Recycled Sterling Silver: the metal of emotions, inspired emotional balance and equanimity. Connecting the wearer to the psychic mind as well as powerful association with healing.

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