Accent Bracelet - Vintage Coral Colour Snake Vertebrae Beads

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Awareness. Transformation. Evolution. 

Product Description

Our coral colour vintage interlocking snake vertebrae beads will not only add a wonderfully colourful Accent to your style, but they also tell a uniquely powerful story. They are one of the earliest examples of ethical replacement, which we love. Before the 1900s African tribes used actual snake vertebrae for both trade and adornment because of the powerful and important cultural symbolism embodied by the snake. They were made in the early to mid-1900s in Europe by Czech, German, and some French producers. They combined the developing glass trade bead production techniques and the powerful symbolism of the snake by creating moulded glass beads that looked just like snake vertebrae. 

Snakes take on a multitude of symbolic meanings in many, if not all, cultures. They symbolise creative life force and represent the strength and power to transform, whether that’s through spiritual awakening or simply transitioning from one stage of life to another. This bracelet invokes true style with substance and is an ideal reminder of an important transition you have already navigated, one you are going through or simply that in life, transitions are a constant. Each bracelet is made with your choice of clasp in either recycled sterling silver or recycled 14k gold.


About The Collection

The Atlas Accent range combines texture and touch with elegance and colour. We designed itusing symbolism-infused beadsto be something special and serve as an eye-catching ‘accent’ to your look. See our Materials & Meaning and Product Care section for more information.

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