Affinity Bracelet - Recycled Copper & Plant Fibre

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Connection. Grounding. Strength.

Product Description

This bracelet uses recycled copper, known to be a great energy conductor.  Sensual, warm, and comforting, copper can transport, connect us to, and amplify powerful energies, which would otherwise remain unknown. It can assist in opening new connections to both internal and external energy sources. The organic plant fibre is ergonomic and completely vegan. Clasp in recycled sterling silver.


About The Collection

The Atlas ‘Affinity’ collection represents our affinity and bond to the natural world using organic plant fibre hand bound with recycled precious metal rings and wire. Plant fibre is an organic substance that loves water, and which stiffens when not being used. It may initially feel stiff and inflexible when you put it on, and it may not feel like the shape fits you. Once you wear it in water, either in the shower or holding it under warm water, it then relaxes and will mould to fit you perfectly. It is designed to be worn all the time, but you can always place it under warm water again for at least 20 minutes if you haven’t been wearing it for a while. Please see Materials & Care section for further information.

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