How To Measure Your Wrist:

The best method is to take a flexible measuring tap laid flat against your skin on the wrist and in the position you wish to wear it. If you use a string, make sure it is as thin as possible so that you get a measurement flat against the skin. 

Choosing The Right Size:

Once you measure your wrist as explained above, match that measurement to our size chart. If your measurement is near the low end of the range then the fit will be slightly loose, but still tailored. If your measurement is near the top end of that range the fit will be more snug but agains still tailored. Use your exact flat against the skin measurement when comparing to the size chart ranges. 

We also carry Special Small and Special Large sizes. For a bespoke fit please specify your size in cm on our product pages. To measure use flexible tape or a piece of string. Make sure you wrap as snug as you can without depressing the skin as your leather bracelet will expand slightly over time.


Amulet Necklace Sizes:

Our Amulet measurements below are taken along the full length of the leather while the Amulet is open from end to end. This is excluding the clasp which measures roughly 2.0-2.2cm. The Knot and the pendant then total a drop of 3-3.2cm - give or take, since each piece is hand made. 

Small - 40 cm (15.75 in)
Medium - 50 cm (19.69 in)
Large - 70 cm (27.56 in)