How To Measure Your Wrist:

Take a flexible measuring tape and lay it flat against your wrist, in the position you wish to wear your bracelet. If you use a string, make sure it is as thin as possible so that you get a measurement flat against the wrist, without depressing the skin. Watch our video for a full demonstration of how to accurately measure your wrist.

Choosing The Right Size:

Once you’ve measured your wrist, match the exact dimensions to our size chart. If your measurement is nearer the low end of the sizing range, then the fit of your bracelet will be slightly looser. If your measurement is near the top end of the sizing range the fit will be snugger, but still tailored.

Atlas also carries ‘Special Small’ and ‘Special Large’ sizes. For a bespoke fit please specify your size in centimetres when selecting your product. To find your size, measure your wrist using use flexible tape or a piece of string, as above.



Amulet & Token Necklace Sizes:

Our amulet necklace measurements below are taken along the full length of the leather while the amulet is open from end to end. The knot and the pendant drop a further combined depth of approximately 3-3.2 cm.

size chart - necklaces

Men Estimate fit: (with neck circumference 36cm)

Mens size chart

Women Estimate fit: (with neck circumference 34cm)

Womens size chart