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Womens Bracelet Trinity ALS Dark Brown Leather With Copper Rings

Colour: TrinityALS Dark Brown With Copper Ring 1

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The Trinity ALS collection features a single piece of high-quality Dark Havana English Bridle leather which wraps around the wrist three times and is fastened with a gold clasp. Personalise your bracelet by simply selecting the number of precious metal rings to be added.   

Copper is considered a mineral to increase energy and mental agility; in legend, it was the metal of the Ancient Greek god Hermes, who facilitates quick wit. 

Read more about Dark Havana English Bridle leather and how we source it. Your bracelet also comes with a complimentary wax oil sample to care for your accessory.

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      All of our accessories are made by hand with natural and vintage materials. Each piece is unique, with some resultant minor variations in colour, texture, and shape. Please see Returns and Exchanges for full details.

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