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Amulet Necklace Recycled 14k Yellow Gold & African Kudu


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The wearing of amulets for strength, guidance and protection can be traced back millennia.  The Atlas Amulet was designed not just to look good, but with the idea that wearers would also enjoy holding them. Like Ancient Greek worry beads, holding and touching your Amulet can be almost meditative, helping you to think, to ground and to connect.

Gold has long been associated with wealth, happiness and feelings of comfort. A mineral of spirituality, understanding and of being in tune with nature. It possesses the power of positive energy and is a master healer, helping to cleanse and purify. Our gold is recycled and sourced from the UK.

Kudu is a traditional tribal resource across Eastern and Southern Africa. Kudus are extremely populous in Africa and are one of the largest mammals in the Antelope family.  Our African Kudu is sustainably sourced as a by-product, providing local tribes with additional income. 

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