Trinity3 - American Bison & Vintage White Goomba Beads


Only 30 made

At their core, each of our Trinity bracelets features a single high quality leather that wraps around your wrist three times, and fastens with a sterling silver clasp. This design takes inspiration from traditional numerology - where the number three represents creative self expression, social interaction and optimism.

This Trinity3 bracelet comes in Bison leather, and features three small groups of White Goomba beads, spread out along the length of the strap. These old white porcelain glass Goomba beads were found in Nigeria, and have travelled at least three continents dating back to the 1800 and early 1900s. They were made in Europe as trade beads. Small chips, corrosion and pitting are the natural aged characteristics of these beautiful beads, attesting to their extensive use and wear, whilst giving the bracelets a masculine, rugged appearance.

The Bison was considered sacred to Native Americans, and symbolises good health, inner strength, moderation, courage and stamina, as well as calm, protectiveness and family value. Bison leather is more fibrous than the majority of leathers we offer, and as a result has a slightly more rugged look.

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  • American Bison Leather
  • Vintage White Goomba Beads
  • Sterling Silver Clasp
  • Cow Leather Wrap
  • Complimentary Wax Oil sample
  • 3 year Guarantee


Size & Fit


With your exact measurement and our knowledge of our leathers characteristics, we can tailor make a perfect fit for you. Each of our leathers has different qualities including varying elasticity. Supple leathers like African Kudu will give more and more structured leathers like English Bridle yields more slowly over time.

Size Chart

If you prefer, you may select from the standardised table of sizes listed below. In choosing your size, remember that if you think your size may be towards the lower end of a size range for example, your accessory will have a slightly looser fit.

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For more information including how to measure your wrist please see our Size Guide for full details. 

If your accessory fits snuggly at first please see Leather Care for full details on how to warm up and slightly stretch the leather, which will then mould to your wrist. 

Leather Care

In addition to our extensive preparation process for our leather, we give you a free sample of the wax oil we use.

Please see Leather Care for full details.


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All of our accessories are made by hand with natural and vintage materials. Each piece is unique, with some resultant minor variations in colour, texture and shape.

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