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Aeon Bracelet Green Baltic Amber & Leather


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Our Atlas Aeon range is inspired by the European tradition of placing love-locks on bridges, an eternal commitment to something symbolic and significant. Our highly-skilled artisan’s hand-cut and polish natural stones, organic gems and precious metals into bars, binding them with knotted straps of tactile and durable leathers.

Amber transforms negative, stagnant energy into clear and positive energy.  The light found in amber serves as a reminder of the light within and that we need to reconnect to that light from time to time.  Our hand carved Baltic Amber is completely natural and has not been heated, treated or altered in any way. The perfect organic gemstone for Alignment, Balance and Radiance.

Green Baltic Amber accounts for only about 2% of all Amber found naturally and gets its hue from having spent at least part of its long life in a marshy environment. In many cultures throughout history people have believed that this green hue of Amber has the power to bring good luck and immortality to its wearer.

You can pair our Black Baltic Amber with a variety of tactile and durables leathers. Please see Our Products and Care Guide for further information on each leather.

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