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Atlas Rainbow Bracelet



All natural hand-carved stones bound together by Australian Kangaroo leather, the Atlas Rainbow bracelet symbolises the hope for good things to come.

Dark Brown, Brown, Honey and Green Baltic Amber:

This ancient stone transforms negative, stagnant energy into clear and positive energy.  The unique glow from amber serves as a gentle reminder of the light within.  Baltic amber is the perfect gemstone bringing alignment, balance and radiance. 

Lapis Lazuli:Soothing to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Lapis helps strengthen your connection to the magic within you and begin to trust in yourself. The perfect organic gemstone for intuition, harmony and elevation.


A stone that provides and connects the wearer to prosperity and abundance that surrounds us.  A high-prized stone, used since ancient times, for ceremonial and emotional objects and icons.

Mountain crystal:

This stone is renowned for its hi-resonance properties, helping to clear away obstacles and light up your path. The perfect organic gemstone for clarity, integration and manifestation.

The Australian kangaroo leather we source is not farmed but ethically harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population.  This is strictly controlled by the Australian government.


Even in these uncertain times, the art of giving does not waiver.  The Atlas ‘Rainbow’ was inspired by a solo act of kindness. 

A client of Atlas Accessories, who works for the NHS, purchased an Atlas ‘Amulet’ as a talisman, we were humbled by their occupation and felt it important to acknowledge the good that can sometimes go unseen and gifted one of the Atlas ‘Tokens’ to them.  Moved by this gesture and wanting to share this act, the client passed the Atlas ‘Token’ on to a fellow NHS worker, thus creating a chain reaction of kindness and love.

We wanted to capture this act and embody it in a very unique creation and, so, the Atlas ‘Rainbow’ was born. The absolute uniqueness of this bracelet is underscored by it being a limited edition of 5, with 50% of the proceeds going to the NHS at this incredibly vital time.

We may never know how a single act may play out and we may never know what is at the end of a rainbow, all we can do is trust that is it something truly beautiful. 


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