Amulet - American Bison & Baltic Brown Amber

Traditionally an Amulet is thought to naturally hold an intrinsic power to protect its holder, and has featured in diverse civilisations and cultures since the Ancient Egyptian and Roman times. For us an Amulet should feel grounding and tactile when you hold it; they can be helpful in times of stress or for helping to stimulate creative thinking.

This necklace design features a hand carved brick of Brown coloured Amber hanging from a simple string of American Bison leather in a pendant style. Amber is thought of as a great healer, cleanser and transformer; essentially a fossilised tree resin, Amber stones can range from 44 million to 100,000 years old.

The Bison was considered sacred to Native Americans, and symbolises good health, inner strength, moderation, courage and stamina, as well as calm, protectiveness and family value. Bison leather is more fibrous than the majority of leathers we offer, and as a result has a slightly more rugged look.

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  • American Bison Leather
  • Brown Baltic Amber
  • Sterling Silver Clasp
  • Cow Leather Wrap
  • Complimentary Wax Oil sample
  • 3 year Guarantee


Size Guide

The below table gives you the measurement of the leather lace or cord frm the clasp to the knot. Our Medium Amulet sits roughly in the middle to the top-middle of the chest, and the Large Amulet Hangs down to and sits roughly on the sternum.

Amulet Size

Lenght in (cm)

Lenght in (IN)







For photos and more please, see Size Guide for more details.

About our Leather

In addition to our extensive preparation process for our leather, we give you a free sample of the wax oil we use.

Since all of our leather cord and lace is made by hand they are not perfectly round. These leathers twist slightly as you wear them over time. Stiffer leathers like English Bridle and also Kangaroo will twist less than Bison or Kudu as these are softer hides.  

Please see Leather Care for photos and full details.


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Return, Exchange & Guaranty

- 30 day return policy

- 3 year guaranty

All of our accessories are made by hand with natural and vintage materials. Each piece is unique, with some resultant minor variations in colour, texture and shape.

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