What’s important to us?

Using unique materials: the materials we use in our pieces are ethically sourced from all over the world. We couldn’t mass produce our pieces if we tried – the materials simply aren’t widely enough available, and the shape and texture would not be achievable en masse.  The vintage beads that we use for their strong symbolism, such as glass snake vertebrae, are quite rare and difficult to find.


Meticulously hand crafted to last: the way it has always been done by artisans dedicated to their craft the world over.  We don’t even use glue! Our stones are hand cut and hand polished to our exacting standards. And our leather is all hand cut with each piece of lace being lovingly and repeatedly waxed and polished over 6 weeks to ensure lasting quality. We create personalised accessories with meaning, and we intend them to last a lifetime. As they grow with you, they become a part of you, and are imbued with ever more depth and soul. And because we believe in our products and are committed to your wellbeing, we offer a 3 year guarantee with every purchase and a restringing/repair service thereafter for just £15.


Sourcing materials ethically and sustainably: sustainably and ethically sourcing quality materials, particularly our leathers, from small and family run local businesses, is important to us. We want our partners to thrive, and we’d much prefer to buy direct from local artisans in tribes or villages, supporting them directly, rather than pay a middle-man to find materials for us. We enjoy building relationships with suppliers who see the world in the same way we do – suppliers who care for the environment and appreciate the beauty and magic of animals and the natural world. 


Creating a cycle of positive energy: At Atlas we believe that if we receive from the world, we need to give back. We receive materials from nature, the earth, and local communities, and we choose to give back by starting with donating 10% of our profits to charities dedicated to wildlife conservation, animal welfare and the environment. Because we love positive action, and we want you – our customers – to experience the positive energy of giving; we invite you to choose or vote which pre-selected charities you wish to give to. In this way we complete the cycle of receiving from, and giving back to, the world – and it gives us a kick to share that positive experience with you.