English Bridle Leather: Structured and Sophisticated - English Bridle is a vegetable or oak bark tanned cow/steer hide infused with waxes, oils and tallows to give it durability. Bridle leather is available in either Dark Havana brown or Black.  Our hides are sustainably and ethically sourced from a family-owned business in the UK. 

African Kudu Leather: Tactile and Durable - Kudu is a traditional tribal resource across Eastern and Southern Africa. Kudus are extremely populous in Africa and are one of the largest mammals in the Antelope family. Our hides are a by-product of sustainable and traditional local hunting. 

American Bison Leather: Rugged and Grounded - This leather can be worn for years without damage and improves over time with wear. Our Bison is sourced from sustainable tanneries in the US as a by-product of the food industry. 

Australian Kangaroo Leather: Svelte and Uncompromising - It is said that Kangaroos are aware of their power and embody a unique combination of strength and awareness. The leather we source is not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population. All harvest is strictly controlled by the Australian government and the leather is a by-product from the food industry. 



All of our leathers come from small or family-owned businesses who are committed to sustainable, ethical trade. We work closely alongside them in choosing each hide and only select the best parts for making our accessories.

Every piece of leather is treated using centuries-old traditional techniques designed to make the leather tactile but durable and able to improve through wear. Our preparation process puts the leather through multiple stages of conditioning, oiling and waxing so we can ensure every piece will be able to withstand all of life’s adventures and improve with age.

All of our leather products are prepared so that you should not need to take them off.  If you are regularly exposing your accessory to salt water and other extreme environments consider caring for it a little more often.



As an organic substance, your leather will benefit from ongoing care. Included with your leather product is a complimentary pot of wax oil, to keep the material supple. Over time, if you notice your leather seems to have dried a little, apply a small amount to the strap when the leather is dry. We recommend a small dab applied directly to the leather whilst you are wearing it. A little goes a long way, it does not stain clothes and any excess can be wiped off with a soft cloth.   



Honey, Brown and Dark Brown Baltic Amber:  The most typical colours of Amber. The lightness of these stones depends on the concentration of naturally occurring gas bubbles in the resin; Honey Amber has the smallest concentration, and Dark Brown the highest. All real Ambers will vary slightly in colour due to concentration of gas and even other organic materials fossilised in the resin.

Green Baltic Amber: This colour accounts for about 2% of all Amber found naturally and gets its hue from having spent at least part of its long life in a marshy environment. In many cultures throughout history people have believed that this green hue of Amber has the power to bring good luck and immortality to its wearer. 

Black Baltic Amber: Black Amber accounts for roughly 15% of all Amber found naturally and is a very special amber. Held up to the sun, the true nature of this amber is revealed in a deep dark cherry red colour that appears black to the naked eye. 

All of our amber is raw amber, in its original state and has not been heated, treated or altered in any way. Baltic Amber is often thought of as a great healer, cleanser and transformer by absorbing negative or stagnant energy. Amber mined from the Baltic region of Europe is especially sought after as it contains high levels of succinic acid, considered a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Each piece of Amber displays a cascade of different lights and inflections and is truly unique as no two pieces are ever the same.  

Gold: Purity and CompassionWhereas most metals are grey or silvery-white, gold stands out for its luminosity and richness.  One theory of how gold came to Earth was by asteroid impacts sinking into our molten planet over 4 billion years ago. We use 14k Gold which is recycled and uniquely produced by our goldsmith. Our gold is tactile and comforting to the touch.  Each piece we use is solid and not hollowed out.  

Sterling Silver: Balance and Healing – Sterling silver was being used by for trade and commerce in Continental Europe as early as the 12th century.   Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper.  Uniquely produced by our silversmith, all of our Sterling Silver is recycled and hallmarked in the UK. 

Dinosaur 'Dino' Gembone: Connection and Wisdom - Dino is formed from the petrified remains of dinosaur bones that have been naturally permeated with minerals over thousands of years. The colour of each stone is characteristic of whichever minerals initially became ingrained in the organic remnants; those found in water will differ greatly from those found away from water. Calcite, Agate and or other minerals account for the more vibrant and mix of colours often found in gembone.  

Our gembone is sourced from found collections amassed in the 50’s and 60’s. It originates from the Great Basin range in the West of the US and dates from the Morrison Formation during the Upper Jurassic Era. Radiometric dating indicates that the Morrison Formation is between 148 million and 155 million years old. 

Jade: Abundance and Prosperity -  Highly prized since ancient times for ceremonial and emotional objects,  Jade is a stone that helps you connect to the prosperity and abundance which surrounds you.  We source our stones from both Russia and South Africa. 

Lapis Lazuli: Intuition and Harmony - Long used and admired for its intense blue, Lapis Lazuli was first mentioned in the 7th millennium BCE.  Most famously, the funeral mask of Tutankhamun was inlaid with Lapis Lazuli.  The most important mineral component of lapis lazuli is lazurite and the intense blue colour is due to the presence of the trisulfur radical anion in the crystal.  We use Lapis Lazuli ethically sourced from Afghanistan and is between AA and AAA grade quality.

Mountain (or Rock) Crystal: Clarity and Integration - The transparent variety of the silica mineral quartz has long been valued for its clarity and total lack of colour and flaws. Vessels and spheres have been carved from large crystals since ancient times, and the application of the word crystal to fine glassware derives from this practice.  All our Mountain (Rock) Crystal is sourced from Brazil.