Types of leather we source: 

English Bridle Leather: Structured, sophisticated and timeless. English Bridle leather is tactile and elegant with a subtle wildness. Cows are very generous with their lives and behave in the most selfless of manners. Among fertility and femininity, these mother creatures represent the virtuous traits of sustenance, abundance, potential, calming, grounding, and provision. symbolise intelligence, endurance, strength, grace, athleticism, agility and strong character. The authentic vegetable or oak bark tanned cow/steer hide is infused with waxes, oils and tallows to give it durability. Bridle leather is available in either Dark Havana brown or Black. Our hides come from a family-owned business in the UK. 

African Kudu Leather: Extraordinarily tactile and durable, soft and elegant with a subtle wildness. Kudu is a traditional tribal resource across Eastern and Southern Africa that symbolises intelligence, endurance, strength, grace, athleticism, agility and strong character Kudus are extremely populous in Africa and are one of the largest mammals in the Antelope family. Our hides are a byproduct of sustainable and traditional local hunting. 

American Bison Leather: Rugged, sturdy and grounded. Bison symbolises good health, inner strength, moderation, courage and stamina, as well as calm, protectiveness and family values. The leather can be worn for years without damage and improves over time with wear. Our Bison is sources from sustainable tanneries in the US as a by-product of the food industry for zero waste. 

Australian Kangaroo Leather: Svelte, durable and uncompromising. Kangaroo is bold in nature and associated with the qualities of physical, mental and emotional strength. It is said that Kangaroos are aware of their power and their unique combination of strength, awareness and fortitude characterise a formidable leader. The leather we source is not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self replenishing population. All harvest is strictly controlled by the Australian government and the leather is a by-product from the food industry. 

Sourcing and preparation of leather:

All of our leathers come from small or family-owned businesses who we know are committed to sustainable, ethical trade. We work closely alongside them in choosing each hide and only select the best parts for making our accessories.

Every piece of leather is treated using centuries-old traditional techniques designed to make the leather tactile but durable and able to improve through wear. Our preparation process puts the leather through multiple stages of conditioning, oiling and waxing so we can ensure every piece will be able to withstand all of life’s adventures and even improve with age.

All of our leather product are prepared so that you should not need to take them off. If you are regularly exposing your accessory to salt water and other extreme environments consider caring for it a little more often to give it some extra care. 

How to care for your leather:

As an organic substance your leather will benefit from ongoing care. Included within your leather product is a free sample of wax oil, which we use to keep the material supple. Over time, if you notice your leather seems to have dried a little, apply a small amount to the strap. We recommend a small dap applied directly to the leather whilst you are wearing it. Note that a little goes a long way, it does not stain clothes and any excess can be wiped off with a soft cloth.   

Stones and organic gems: 

All of our amber is raw amber, in its original state and has not been heated, treated or altered in any way. Baltic Amber is often thought of as a great healer, cleanser and transformer by absorbing negative or stagnant energy. Essentially amber is fossilised tree resin and amber stones can range from 44 million to 100,000 years old. Amber mined from the Baltic region of Europe is especially sought after as it contains high levels of succinct acid, considered a natural anti-inflammatory substance. Each piece of Amber displays a cascade of different lights and inflections and is truly unique as no two pieces are ever the same.  

Honey, Brown and Dark Brown Baltic Amber:  The most typical colours of Amber. The lightness of these stones depends on the concentration of naturally occurring gas bubbles in the resin; Honey Amber has the smallest concentration, and Dark Brown the highest. All real Ambers will vary slightly in colour, concentration of gas and even other organic materials fossilised in the resin.

Green Baltic Amber: This colour accounts for about 2% of all Amber found naturally, and gets its hue from having spent at least part of its long life in a marshy environment. In many cultures throughout history people have believed that this green hue of Amber has the power to bring good luck and immortality to its wearer. 

Black Baltic Amber: Black Amber accounts for roughly 15% of all Amber found naturally and is a very special amber. Held up to the sun, the true nature of this amber is revealed in a deep dark cherry red colour that appears black to the naked eye reminding us not to judge a book by its cover and that there is always another layer to things if we look hard enough. 

Jade: Also known as jadeite is sourced from South Africa. 
Lapis Lazuli: Sourced from China. 
Mountain (or Rock) Crystal: Sourced from Brazil. 
Gold: 14k Gold is recycled and uniquely produced by our goldsmith. Our gold is tactile and comforting to the touch. Each piece we use is solid and not hollowed out. 
Sterling Silver: Uniquely produced by our silversmith, all of our Sterling Silver is stamped in UK. 

Dinosaur 'Dino' Gembone: Dinosaur Gembone is one of those organic “stones” that is full of energy, wisdom and magic, like amber or opals or petrified wood. It is formed from the petrified remains of dinosaur bones that have been naturally permeated with minerals over thousands of years. The colour of each stone is characteristic of whichever minerals initially became ingrained in the organic remnants; those found in water will differ greatly from those found away from water. Calcite, Agate and or other minerals account for the more vibrant and mix of colours often found in gembone.  

Our gembone is sourced from found collections amassed in the 50’s and 60’s. It originates from the Great Basin range in the West of the US and dates from the Morrison Formation during the Upper Jurassic Era. The Morrison Formation is famous for its dinosaur fossils, which have been collected for more than a century, beginning with a find near the town of Morrison, Colorado, in 1877. Radiometric dating indicates that the Morrison Formation is between 148 million and 155 million years old. 

Dinosaur bone has been used as ornamentation with magical properties back through antiquity. Some used it to endow their hunters or soldiers with great power and strength, others were used to create weapons as it was believed that such a weapon would wield an immense capacity for damage to an enemy.

The most important rituals that were associated with foresight (or fortune telling) were managed using a large variety of bones, the dinosaur bone being no exception.   Most often Dinosaur Bone was used for reading of past incarnations and to communicate with spirits in other realms, as well as out of body travel to experience the past. 

Whether the gembone is petrified or fossilized, they have the same core energy properties. Considered a stone with vast stores of organic energy it is also known as a stone of Memory and Ancient Knowledge - conveying wisdom

It aligns with the 1st or Root Chakra for substantial grounding and stability drawing on a vast store of organic energy and helps structural integrity in the human form. And with access to ancestral wisdom, associated with insight and deep intuition – it is also associated with the 6th or Third Eye Chakra.

Continue reading about the properties of our stones and gems below: 

Stone Energy Body/Field Main Properties or Qualities Method Enables Chakra
Baltic Amber Body, Mind & Spriit  Great helaer and transformer Absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy Stimulates the bodies ability to heal itself through alignment Naval (3rd) & Sacral (2nd)
Dinosaur Gembone Physical & Ethereal Vast store of organic energy, wisdom and magic  Millions of years of organic energy provides solid grounding and physical support. Access to ancestral wisdom provides insight and clarity.   Clarity of purpose, awareness and the strength to to create boundaries and hold it all together under pressure Root (1st) & Third Eye (6th)
Sterling Silver  Emotional, Mental & Physical  Healing, emotional balance, patience Balancing emotions to foster emotional and phsyciall healing and well being Promotes patience, pererverance, self reflection and helps to amplify the properties of other stones  Heart (4th) & Third Eye (6th)
Lapis Lazuli Physical & Ethereal Inner harmony, balance and self awareness Balances throat chakra and opens third eye.  Clarity and confidence. Self-awareness and self-expression by connecting to inner truth Third Eye (6th) & Throat (5th)
Mountain Crystal Physical, Mental & Ethereal Illumination, balance and harmonization Universal healer, harmonizing vibration effecting all chakras, filters and cleanses negative energy and the elevation of thoughts and perspective. Stabilizes nervous system Increased clarity/perception, healing, concentration/focus and   manifestation Crown (7th)
Jade   Courage, protection and healing,  Blocking negative energy and increasing internal awareness and harmonization - stabilises the personality and promotes self-sufficiency  Insight into self imposed limitations, gentleness, grounding, strength and serenity Heart (4th)
Gold  Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spirit Balancing, energising and grounding Balances energy fields and clears negative energy from all chakras Connection, clarity, amplifiies positive perspective and resilience Crown (7th) & Third Eye (6th)