Measurments and Fit

Below are instructions to measure your wrist for our bracelets and also a size chart for our Amulets.

We are here to help should you have any questions:

Why and How to Measure

Buying bracelets is much easier if you know the exact measurement of your wrist. Our leathers vary in terms of density, texture and elasticity. With our knowledge of each leather and your exact measurement we can tailor make a bracelet that fits you perfectly.

Once you measure the exact circumference in centimetres or inches (to the nearest 1/8th of an inch) please input this on the product page before adding the item to your cart.

The below simple instructions tell you how to measure your wrist. Please be sure to use a flexible measuring tape or flexible material, since this allows us to know the inner circumference, which is what we need for the bracelet to sit perfectly on your wrist.

Where to Measure

Typically we recommend you size from just above your wrist bone, towards the arm, as this is considered typical placement for a bracelet – but measure wherever feels like the right placement for you. One wrist may be slightly smaller or larger than the other, so it is important that you measure the wrist you would like to wear the bracelet on.

Using a Flexible or Fabric Measuring Tape

Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your wrist like in the picture at the top of the page. Make the wrap as snug as you can without depressing the skin or cutting off your circulation. Fabric measuring tapes are the best choice because they conform to your wrist shape.

 When the tape is wrapped snugly around your wrist, whatever number lies directly over the zero is your wrist measurement to provide to us.

Measuring with a String or Piece of Paper

If you do not have access to a fabric measuring tape then you can use a piece of string or any flexible material. Pinch the spot on the string that overlaps the starting end. While still pinching this spot, straighten out the string and lay it over a ruler to measure the length from the end to your pinch point.

With a piece of paper, wrap it around your wrist and mark the spot where the paper overlaps. Straighten out the paper and place this against a ruler measuring to the mark you made to get your wrist measurement.

Snug or Loose Fit

The leathers will relax and yield slightly over time and will mould to your wrist as well as becoming more structured as you wear it. Initially they may feel snug but will typically give a little and relax into the shape of your wrist. If you prefer a looser fit, then we recommend you add 0.5 cm (5mm or 3/16 of an inch). We do not recommend this for African Kudu as this supple and tactile leather will give and mould to your wrist quickly, and you can easily warm it with wax oil to stretch it slightly if needed.

Using Wax Oil to Loosen Snug Fit

Take a very small amount of the complementary wax oil included in your order, and warm it up by rubbing your fingers together. Put the leather lace or cord between your oiled fingers and grip the leather with both hands. Then as you squeeze your fingers firmly on the leather, pull the strap through your fingers while continually pressing. As you press and pull the leather very gently it will soften with the warmth and the wax oil. By doing this repeatedly the leather will give – Kudu and Bison will give more easily and need less work so be sure not to pull too hard. Bridle leather will require a little more TLC if you need to do this. Once warm and more relaxed, try putting the bracelet back on your wrist. You should notice a difference, but may need to repeat the process until it’s right. Snug is still good as the leather will form to your wrist and give with time. If you apply too much wax oil just wipe the excess off. The oil will dry very quickly and the warmed up leather will form to your wrist. The more you wear it the better it gets.


Wrist Measurent Size
Inches CM
6.43-6.82 16.5-17.5 XS
6.82-7.21 17.5-18.5 S
7.21-7.60 18.5-19.5 M
7.60-7.99 19.5-20.5 L
7.99-8.38 20.5-21.5 XL


 If you prefer, you may select from the standardised table of sizes listed below. In choosing your size, remember that if you think your size may be towards the lower end of a size range for example, your accessory will have a slightly looser fit.

If your size is outside these standardised ranges please measure your wrist and enter the exact measurement in the space provided in either centimetres or inches (to the nearest 1/8th of an inch).

Amulet Size

Our Amulets come in 2 lengths – Medium (M) and Large (L). The below table gives you the measurement of the leather lace or cord from the clasp to the bottom of the knot. Our Medium Amulet sits roughly in the middle to the top-middle of the chest, and the Large Amulet hangs down to and sits roughly on the sternum. This will vary from person to person. The below picture gives you a rough guide as to how these different sizes sit on an average man’s chest.


Amulet Size Length in (cm) Length in (inches)
M 50 19.7
L 70 27.6


The below picture gives you a rough guide as to how these different sizes sit on an average man’s chest but each person is unique as is their conformation - so the exact position of where either Amulet sits on your chest will vary slightly from person to person.