Since the earliest days of civilisation, humans have sought meaning and expression and often used accessories and jewellery to tell their story and capture a memory.  At Atlas, we share this ancient belief.  We create natural, individual pieces that represent something important and deeper to the wearer, providing equilibrium and grounding, a gentle reminder of what is important, secretly enlightening the soul.  Today, we move in ever-faster times, our demands are much greater, we need something to preserve a moment. 

Atlas aims to create natural accessories that provide a lifetime of meaning to the wearer.  Using traditional methods, Atlas creates pieces that can endure the hardiest of adventures and still retain an elegance and style for the more urban lifestyle.  A harmonious link of something very ancient with something very meaningful.


Our Founder

Embodying the free spirit of the company, Atlas founder, Gregory, grew up on the East Coast of the United States.  Upon finishing his education, he went on to enjoy a successful career in Finance, a career which took him all around the world.  As Chief Strategist, Gregory created and built companies internationally; however, his curiosity, about a different, more spiritual world, never wavered.  Living and working in different countries he found ways to hold onto memories, be it in a curiously-shaped stone, a colourful shell or native jewellery but, importantly, something that connected him to the nature of the region and represented a new culture as well as a new memory.  Gregory wanted to share the importance of a story, of a memory.   It was then the story of Atlas began.