Welcome to our charity selection page where you help us allocate 5% of Atlas’s gross revenue to our charity partners. We are confident you will love what they do and see the important roles they play. Feel free to peruse the information below or even visit each partner’s website to learn more. They are well worth exploring in more depth. 

Thank you again for being part of the Atlas story and helping to support these incredibly important causes.


World Land Trust (WLT) is an international conservation charity, which protects the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre.

Since 1989, World Land Trust has protected more than 775,000 acres through various fundraising programmes, working with WLT’s local NGO partners in countries across the globe. We support the Buy an Acre programme which seeks to permanently protect land where habitat can be saved for £100 per acre. Other significant programmes include Plant a Tree and Keepers of the Wild. WLT has provided the funds to plant more than 2.3m trees.

We chose to partner with WLT because of their fiscal responsibility, combined with global action and awareness, that enables genuine incremental and long-term change. Their work is also foundational to the much larger issue of the health of our incredible planet as a whole.

£100 helps to save an acre of threatened tropical forest habitat.
£50 saves half an acre
£25 saves quarter of an acre
£5 saves 200m²
£5 is the cost to fund the planting of a tree through WLT’s Plant a Tree programme.


Working Dogs for Conservation (WD4C) trains and deploys the world’s best conservation dogs. From ending wildlife crimes like poaching and trafficking, to stopping the spread of invasive species, to saving rare and endangered species. Founded by four women (all of whom are still with the organization) in Montana, USA, WD4C upholds the highest standards in our field: Rescuing the dogs we train, using progressive, positive reward training methods, and helping build capacity around the world.  For over 25 years WD4C has been saving dogs, wildlife, and wild places around the world, through Conservation Impacts, Innovation, and Leadership. To learn more, visit WD4C.org

 £ 7.5 ($10): will feed and care for a working dog for one day.
£ 20 ($25): will equip a dog with a field vest.
£ 40 ($50): will provide one bag of high-quality dog food
£ 75 ($100): will equip a dog for the field (vest, leash, & 1 toy reward)

We chose to partner with WD4C because of their fiscal responsibility, action orientation and elegance of their strategy. Their work significantly impacts multiple causes simultaneously and has long reaching benefits. We think it's even able to help shift the human/animal paradigm by example.