Atlas Accessories was born out of a love for natural accessories that tell stories, empower and protect the wearer. Our founder, Gregory French travelled the world in search of stylish accessories which had a depth of meaning and were connected to nature.

From the earliest days of civilisation, humans have used stories and symbolism to strengthen bonds of faith, friendship and community. A bracelet might be given as a matrimonial gift, a pendant could act as a symbol of becoming a warrior, or a unique piece might represent connection to or protection by a spirit animal or nature. 

At Atlas, our vision is to take symbolic materials, craft them using traditional methods and create pieces that last a lifetime. Each unique piece can be a personal talisman for balance and is a wearable reminder of staying connected to ourselves and our environment. We ethically source and lovingly prepare leathers with symbolic meanings and celebrate the unique stories behind each collection.

Atlas gives back to our community by donating 5% of profits to charities as a proud to be a member of  1% For The Planet and we want all of our customers to experience the positive energy of giving back. We will be launching our initiative in the new year and our customers will be prompted to allocate points to a charity that means something to them. We currently work with charities that support the Environment, Animal Welfare & Rescue, Wildlife & Habit Conservation and Child Welfare & Education.