Imagine a world in which people took the time to share their stories, and made the effort to understand each other as unique individuals.  Wouldn’t that be a wonderful world to live in?  It’s a bit of a dream for us at Atlas Accessories, but who says dreams can’t come true?

Here at Atlas we are great believers in the positive power of storytelling and sharing what has meaning to us as individuals. From the earliest days of civilisation, humans have used stories to create and strengthen bonds of friendship and peace.  Ancient tribes also used accessories and jewellery to tell stories, empower and protect.  A bracelet might be given to commemorate a special event, a pendant as a symbol of protection, or a unique piece to represent a connection to or protection by nature or a spirit animal. Because they were skilfully crafted using natural materials and traditional methods, accessories lasted the lifetime of their wearers, growing in character and depth of meaning as they followed you through life’s adventures. In this way, jewellery pieces could tell stories of their own and act as reminders of important memories, experiences or beliefs.

This is what we aim for at Atlas, to create natural accessories that are personalised and symbolic, and to craft pieces that will last forever and grow with you. Atlas Accessories are here to help you stay balanced and grounded, reminding you every day of what is important to you.  Atlas Accessories never need to be taken off and are built to withstand all of life’s adventures. This, we hope, will make the world a better place - a little positive energy goes a long way we believe!

Atlas Accessories was founded after founder Gregory had been unable, in years of searching the world on his travels, to find stylish accessories with depth of meaning, using natural materials and made well enough to endure a passion for outdoor adventures and still look stylish for an urban lifestyle.   

He then decided to seek out a skilled craftsperson to help turn his roughly made pieces into properly crafted jewellery.  He met Dagna, a talented young craftswoman, who shared his curiosity about meaning and materials, in a London bead shop and they immediately experienced a deep connection. Dagna had been crafting jewellery since childhood and was passionate about traditional craft. He had found an artisan to partner with. Together they designed and crafted the initial prototypes which drew immediate attention from friends and strangers alike. The pieces looked like they carried a deeper meaning and invited question — people were intrigued and wanted to know the stories behind each piece.  Atlas Accessories was born!

Our vision is to take natural and symbolic materials and hand craft them into accessories using traditional methods that allow the wearer to carry symbolic and personal meaning with them through life. An elegant but powerful daily reminder of what we care about. As with ancient traditions, we hope that Atlas Accessories empower wearers to a more balanced life by helping them connect:

  • to earth & nature – through natural stones, organic gems and materials with unique properties and symbolic meaning;
  • to themselves – through expressing their unique story;
  • to others – through sharing our stories with each other.

The final step in our cycle of positive action is not just connecting to each other through story and meaning but to facilitate the experience of giving back.  We achieve this by committing 5% of gross revenues to our charity partners that support the Environment, Animal Welfare & Rescue, Wildlife & Habitat Conservation and Child Welfare & Education.

A big statement by a small company but one that we wholeheartedly believe in.


Out of the ordinary accessories with unique spirit.

We invite you to join a timeless tradition of self-expression and storytelling.