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Token Bracelet for Intuition & Harmony - Lapis Lazuli


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Awareness.  Harmony Elevation


Lapis Lazuli on kangaroo strap or recycled sterling silver chain.  Clasp in recycled sterling silver.  Please see Materials Care & Meaning for further information.


Atlas ‘Tokens’ are a wonderful connection to our aspirations.  Carefully selected stones represent a different aspiration we carry for ourselves and wish for others.  This Atlas ‘Token’ uses the soothing blue stone, Lapis.  Shift to the next level and let the world experience the real you. Help strengthen your connection to the magic within you and the trust in yourself. The perfect organic gemstone for intuition, harmony and elevation.

The Australian kangaroo leather we source is not farmed but harvested in the wild from a large, self-replenishing population.  This is strictly controlled by the Australian government.

Recycled sterling silver promotes equanimity through emotional balance and healing.


30-day return policy and 3-year guarantee 

All our stones and organic gems are natural and untreated and our metals are recycled. Each piece is handcrafted and therefore unique, with some resultant minor variations in colour, texture and shape. Please see Returns and Exchanges for full details.

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