Wearing of amulets for strength, guidance and protection can be traced back millennia. The Atlas Amulet range continues the tribal tradition of accessories being worn to provide protection and strength to their owners.

We specifically designed the Atlas Amulet not just to look good, but so that wearers would enjoy holding them. The Amulets feel comforting, meditative and grounding when held and many customers have even told us they felt a missing presence when not wearing it. Like ancient Greek worry beads, holding and touching your Amulet can be almost meditative in helping you to think and connect to yourself.

Our collection is made using hand cut and polished bricks of organic gems, stones and precious metals strung with high quality tactile and durable leathers. Choose the combination that resonates with you the most from the selection below, or go to the DYO page to further fine tune your accessory. We also make available a free silver jumpring at checkout so you can add charms or components to find further meaning.

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