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Accent Bracelet Vintage White Goomba Beads


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Connection.  Grounding.  Prosperity.


We love the tactile nature and calming look and feel of the goomba trade beads. They look like each one was lovingly hand polished and their character derives from passing hand to hand over the centuries. Each bead made smooth by touch, like the curve in an ancient stone stair or a river stone made smooth by time.  Organic materials with soothingly organic shapes, infused with the positive energy and the resonance of human connection. The age and history of the beads makes each piece distinct and full of character.


The Atlas Accent range combines texture and touch with elegance and colour. We designed itusing symbolism-infused beadsto be something special and serve as an eye-catching ‘accent’ to your look.

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      All of our accessories are made by hand with natural and vintage materials. Each piece is unique, with some resultant minor variations in colour, texture, and shape. Please see Returns and Exchanges for full details.

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